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National Novel Writing Month
November 1st-30th
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The Community

Will participants meet each other?
This year's participants all over the world will get together to drink coffee, steal plots, and partake in the highly therapeutic variety of whining known only to amateur novelists. At this point, most cities and college towns in the English-speaking world boast a NaNoWriMo chapter, and there are new chapters popping up throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa as well. So odds are good there's a party or NaNo write-in near you. Check the Regional Lounge in the Forums for your area and see what's going down in your town.

How can I get in touch with writers in my area?
The Regional Lounges of the NaNoWriMo forums are the place to meet up with co-sufferers in your area. Another thing you can do is check out the Municipal Liasions page of this site, starting October 1, 2007. If your area has a Municipal Liaison (a volunteer organizer who oversees local events and get-togethers), you can just send them an email and they'll tell you what's going on in your area.

Municipal Liaisoning sounds pretty cool. Can I be the ML for my area?
Maybe! Some areas already have high-functioning, monstrously encouraging MLs who have spent the last three or four NaNoWriMos honing their cheerful whip-cracking skills to an Olympic level. Other areas are ML-less, and could really use someone with a little organizational moxie. Starting September 1, you can drop our ML Headmistresses an email to find out what the ML situation is in your area.

Tell me more about the "Thank God It's Over" Party.
At the end of November, all participants (regardless of final word count) get together to celebrate and show off parts of their novel and jump up and down and shake their heads at the folly of what they have just done to themselves. Visit your area's regional lounge in the NaNoWriMo forums to find the closest party to you.

What's with the forums? What am I supposed to do there?
The forums are a global gathering spot for writers to seek information, support, offer tips and assistance as they write their novels. When you sign up you're automatically a member of the forums, though you have no obligation to visit them or post there. You can learn more about what forums are all about in Cybele's Guide to the Forums.

Why do some forums have a little sun icon on them? What does All-Ages mean?
All of the forums are moderated to make sure that everyone has a safe environment free from harassment, pornographic, abuse, spam and other hateful things (as you agreed to in the Terms & Conditions). Special forums have been flagged for further moderation so that they are friendly to people of all ages so foul language and sexual content are strictly forbidden. These forums are not just for minors but an inclusive place for everyone, so be aware that posts that contain such things will either be edited, deleted or moved to a more appropriate area of the site. All regional forums (the forum for your city, town or area) are All Ages. The general forums that have been flagged for All Ages are:

Rules, Regulations & Other Minutiae
Site & Message Board Feedback
Tech Help
Young Novelists
All Ages Coffee House
Writing 101

What do I do if I see something bad in the forums?
If you see something in any forum that you think violates the Terms & Conditions of the site in any way, please flag that post using the "Report" button and a moderator will look into.

What's the deal with your laptop lending library? Do you really send free laptops to participants?
We do loan out laptops out to computer-less Wrimos for the month of November. All of the machines in our library are charmingly clunky, but they've made a world of difference for aspiring novelists who don't have a computer at home. Our laptop library is currently accepting donations. If you're interested in making a computery donation or checking out a laptop for the 2007 event, please visit our laptop loaner program page.

I would like to form a strategic alliance with NaNoWriMo to promote my software/website/product. Who can I talk to about this?
Please get in touch! And if you have an exclusive offer you'd like to extend to NaNoWriMo participants, we can post it on your behalf in our Marketing Forum <http://www.nanowrimo.org/modules/newbb/viewforum.php?forum=207>. Just drop a line to info@ care of this website.

Did you know there is a group in Vancouver that writes novels in a weekend?
Yes, and they are fools. Everyone knows that any deep and lasting work of art takes an entire month to make.

How do you pronounce NaNoWriMo?
NAN-no WRY-Mo.

Oh. I've been saying it NAN-no WREE-Mo.
That's ok too.

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